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Back in business! 08/01/2016

Wheel Damaged? Don't Replace!
We Can Repair It for a Fraction of the Price!

We are Your Professional Provider of Wheel Straightening & Cosmetic Repair for Automotive, Light Trucks, & Motorcycles in the Greater Puget Sound Area... and beyond!

Available Services:
  • Cosmetic Wheel Repair
    • Polishing
    • Buffing
  • Wheel Welding
  • Tire Dismount, Mount, & Balance
Specializing In:
  • High-End and
    After-Market Wheels:
    • Aluminum Alloy
    • Chrome
    • Steel
  • Curb Rash
  • Pothole Damage Repair


Dependable Wheel Repair strives to be the premier provider of wheel and tire services in the greater Puget Sound area; providing the highest commitment in customer service, quality of work, and integrity in business; and supplying these services to wholesale, retail, specialty, and hobby-enthusiest (rally racing/auto cross) customers.

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